Tele* is a redvant wrapper for videotelephony (VT). The default backend is DS jitsi but plug compatibility of others is the design intent as is accommodation of Jitsi as a service (JaaS) for those that prefer it to native MCP allocation.

Because of the resource consumption use of VT is restricted by entitlement class and to AKPERSONs. Use quotas are dynamically based on demand except that F class always has the maximum limit.

Elements of my doorbell are replaced with your custom or defaulted content. The music video clips and other parameters of doorbell operation can be set thru the appropriate DS control blocks in your sameboat profile. The F1 clip mechanism can also be used in your instance of the doorbell with your uploaded clips. It can be seen to your left if you expand the toolbar by pressing the green arrow.

The doorbell appears on your DS home page embedded just as here with the default video which you can see here by using the F1 clip code 002001 (enter it in the F1 box and press the button under the box).

Participants can join an established call using the app on their android or iphones or from the DS jitsi web page with a meeting id.

*"Ft-Tele" in places historically. The drupal part started life as the drucall module.